Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Time Splash

Harrrison loves the water. We recently went to Jeremy's parents lake house on Smith lake and had a blast. Here is Harrison testing the water. At first he wasn't really sure about the lake. He saw Jeremy's sister, Gracie, swimming in the water and thought he could just jump right in (He didn't jump in). Talk about cardiac arrest! I thought my heart was going to jump through my chest! However; he quickly realized that that type of water was not for him. This is the extent of his lake adventures. He was content just watching everyone with his mommy and daddy right beside him.
Harrison did not like having to wear his life jacket on the boat. So he decided to take a nap after not getting his way. Kate; however, loved sleeping on the boat. I know the motor of the boat lulled her to sleep.She may not be old enough for her own raft on the lake, but she loves the bath. Isn't she cute!
Attack!!!!! Harrison and Henry had a fun day at Nana and Grandy's house. The gator pool was the perfect way to relax after a day of playing. Harrison thought that the alligator needed a lesson in wrestling, so he attacked! Guess who won?
Henry loves his cousin, Harrison. They have such a great time together. I like to think this picture is a perfect depiction of ebony and ivory. Henry is so tanned and Harrison is like his mother, milky white. He doesn't let the color stop him from being outside. We have just learned to love SPF 50!!!!
As usual, Kate is just the perfect bathing beauty. It is hard to believe that she is approaching three months! She is doing a good job observing her brother and cousin. I know that she is learning their moves and can't wait to participate.