Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Wow! I cannot believe that another Christmas is almost here. This is now Harrison's third Christmas and Kate's first. We have received so many blessings this year. How great is our Father's love for us. It seems that no matter how grim things have looked for us, God has always clothed us, fed us, sheltered us, and protected us. I am in awe of His graciousness and His goodness. I was recently reading a book on Mary, the mother of Jesus and was struck by how humble Jesus' birth really was. He wasn't born in a palace with all the finest of the things. He was born in the lowest of all places... an animal stable! My king was born to a simple girl and a carpenter, but had eternal royalty running through his veins. I look at my two adorable children and am brought to tears just thinking of how much God loves us. He sent his perfect son to dwell here on this earth with all of this imperfection. He gave love from heaven. What an extraordinary gift!

My children remind me daily of how much God loves us. Each smile, boo boo, and yes even tantrum, teaches me how to love like my Father. I hope this Christmas, Christ brings a smile to your face and a joy so unspeakable that your heart has no choice, but to overflow into the lives of the people around you. Merry Christmas!

Oh... and here are a few of our first Christmas pictures. Enjoy!