Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Harrison is Three

On April 18th, my handsome little man turned three. He is so amazing. I love being around him. He has a full vocabulary and speaks very clear and sometimes I forget that I am talking to a three year old. He is very helpful and has a sensitive heart. He loves people and is such a giver. I am so proud of him. I pray that these gifts that I am already recognizing in him will grow into greater depths as he ages. My prayer for him is that he recognizes the love that he has for others comes from the love that His heavenly Father has for him. What a blessing he is to my life. Here are a few pictures from his birthday party.Here is the birthday boy opening his presents at our house! He was so thankful for his soccer ball!
Yummy Cake! I love cake!
I love Chuck E Cheese!